My name is Tim and this Bentley (known locally as the Beast) is one of the cars I have wanted since i was a child, to justify having it and the associated costs my wife (Alex) tells me it needs to earn its keep!

Retired from the Motor Trade I still can't help getting excited about cars. Often mistaken for New which she certainly isn't she has been very well cared for by Bentley Dealers throughout her life.

Although this is a 'Hobby' business don't think that means you won't get a professional service, I scrub up quite well and still run marathons so service will be sharp.

Included in you booking is a bottle of champagne that will be ready and chilled, whenever you want it.

All the seats are temperature controlled & can even give you a massage as you are whisked along, the ideal way to dry off if you get an unwelcome shower, or cool down if all the excitement gets to much.

I do have a little experience in the 'business' as I used owned a Rolls Royce about 30 years ago (Picture on right) but having started again, am just starting to find the very best ribbons etc so we can dress and personalise the car as required.

So as I write the diary is filling up well but with most 2018/19 dates available.

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