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You might think budget weddings is a strange subject for this web site, but everybody, especially me loves a bargain. just to give you an example, we live about 200 meters for Waitrose, so if you have a Waitrose card like me and Alex, on a Sunday you get a free paper if you spend 10 pounds including the paper, so on the way back from walking the dog, we call in, have two free coffees (if you have them in pick one as a large (30p), so that's worth about a fiver. Then spend over 8.70 on essentials,  (milk, OJ whatever) their value range is about the same as other supermarkets) so we are 1.70 down. If feeling really in the need for some more value, we might drop our electric car over, especially if its cloudy and our panels are not working for a charge up (worth about three quid).

You can work it out in several ways, but in my mind that is a profit! 

So, back to weddings, although some bits need to be real treats, there are also great bargains to be had. There are some really pretty venues that don't actually cost a lot of money, often places that don't specialize in weddings but business meetings that are quiet at the weekends, here are a few below:

Here is a hidden Jem for the smaller wedding, and very close to town, right next to a church, and reasonable

The trick is to have list of 'must haves' and then would likes. You probably can't have everything you would like, so chose a couple or real showstoppers, the Dress? The Venue? or even the Band, Something you and your guests will remember for ever.

Here is a possible cost saver, do you really need a photographer? Some of the best shots will be from unexpected sources, and mobile cameras are getting so good now. the biggest problem can be knowing what to do with all photos you will get if you set up a drop box for them