The question that I get asked a lot is what Wedding car should I choose and Why?

Lets Deal with the boring stuff first:

You need to make sure that it is properly insured, just how do you do that? The only way to be sure sure is to ask for a copy of the Vendors insurance, they shouldn't be too offended, and its important, that the car you are travelling in is fit for the road. Whilst many older cars can look fine, age does take its toll, so MOT's should be available if you have any concerns, you can even check on line now to see if a valid one is place. You do to some extent have to find a provider to trust, many online companies don't make it very clear who you are dealing with, so try to find a local company who's reputation you can check out. You many also find that by dealing with a smaller local company you will not have to pay VAT, quite a useful saving at an expensive time!

About the cars

Probably the first car to come to mind is a traditional Rolls Royce, and why not a very worthy contender, however older vehicles can be troublesome, and the ride is not to everyone's taste. Vintage models can look fantastic, but passenger facilities can be small & cramped, with no modern comforts such a air conditioning. 

Another common contender is the Beauford, a convertible often bought and built as kit, using parts and engines from older cars. Well built long wheel base models are most popular for 'good weather weddings' but don't expect too many creature comforts.

Range Rovers are becoming very popular, and have all modern comforts, but there are a lot of them on the roads, are they really exclusive enough for that 'one off' special day? only you can decide 

Why are Bentley Flying Spurs so exclusive?

Well, in a way the Flying Spur is a bit of an oddity. Originaly the Bentley was only built a 2Dr (GT) as a very fast sporty touring car, but it has tiny seats in the back that are cramped even for a small child. The demand from Asian markets was really high, but a chauffeur is expected to drive so that didn't work out, the company stretched it to form the Fling Spur, with loads of space in the back for its wealth owners to enjoy, and still maintained its breathtaking performance. At the time of production it was the fastes 4 door production car in the world, and its latest modles have recenty regained theb title with a top speed ov over 200 mph. Its hard to ascertain how many are on the roads in the UK, but I can try! About 1500 Bentleys a year are sold in the UK, of which it seems about 15% are Flying Spurs, so since inception around 10 years ago there must be only around 1500 cars in the whole of the UK

White or Not?

Traditionally Wedding cars (and dresses) were white, perhaps to represent pureness, but in modern times with perhaps more realistic outlooks, silver, greys, and even black has become acceptable, perhaps because of the contrast to the outfits of the day. It is also worth bearing in mind that many Wedding Cars have been repainted,  as white was not always a production colour, and to meet demand. Re-painted/wrapped cars can be a bit of a disapointment close up especiallay if internal finishes remain in the original colour

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